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Lenin & Guerrilla Warfare: Lessons Learned from 1905

While guerrilla warfare has existed since the dawn of civilization, the modern principles of guerrilla strategy emerged during the early 20th century, with prime examples being found in the Russian Revolution of 1905. While Karl Marx closely studied military history, his focus was primarily upon conventional military doctrine rather than the use of guerrilla tactics. … Continue reading Lenin & Guerrilla Warfare: Lessons Learned from 1905

Strikes and Unemployment

  Between the years 1900 and 1903, the period of industrial depression caused many bankruptcies and the employment rate decreased drastically. The employees and the ones who lost their jobs became uncontrollable. Workers began organizing strikes. The strikes began in the year 1902 by the railroad shop workers in the towns Rostov-on-Don and in Vladikavkaz. […]

National Identity and its Role in the 1905 Revolution

The Russian Empire, like many Eastern European empires, was a multi-ethnic one. With at least a dozen different minority groups in Europe, and many more in Asia, the Russian czar could be said to have governed over a more diverse territory than any state save for Britain. And with ethnic diversity comes socio-political unrest, and … Continue reading National Identity and its Role in the 1905 Revolution

Bolshevik Seeds

In the late 19th century, Marxist thought had been imported and heavily disseminated in Russia. People from all social classes were fed up with the czar’s autocratic rule and sought greater freedom. The normative ideas of Karl Marx and his … Continue reading

The Event That Started It All

The Russian Revolution of 1905 began in Saint Petersburg on January 22nd when soldiers of the Imperial Guard fired upon unarmed workers led by Father Gapon. Gapon and the rest of the demonstrators were marching to the Winter Palace in order to petition Tsar Nicholas II. The Tsar made a mistake by not appearing before […]

Nationalism and the Revolution of 1905

The Revolution that occurred in 1905 was similar to the revolutions that other countries experienced because there were many different causes and reasons why it occurred. As with almost every conflict that a country experiences, there is not one glaring cause that historians can pinpoint as the breaking point. The Revolution that occurred in 1905 […]

The Russian Boston Massacre

Americans are familiar with what occurred on March 5, 1770 in Boston Massachusetts. The event known as the Boston Massacre was heard across the thirteen colonies and added another ounce of gun powder to the rifle which would fire the “shot heard round the world.” Americans across the country still study this past event as…

The Final Crack That Broke The Dam

The revolution of 1905 was years in the making and sprouted out of social unrest from the poorest of people.  The peasant having just been allotted land had to pay taxes on it in order to pay it off making there hardship even worse.  Famine was also present during the time period making many starve. […]

Bloody Sunday

January 22, 1905, which quickly became known as Bloody Sunday, is often noted as one of the events that triggered the revolution in Russia. The country was in turmoil under Romanov Czar Nicholas II who had allowed Russia to become corrupt and oppressive since he took power in 1894. This, among other factors, caused revolutionary leaders…