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Militarization of Labor during the civil war

The militarization of labor and the fact that the Bolsheviks won the civil war connect on many different levels. There was the falling apart of other armies and labor forces and both the army and the labor forces had strong, bold leaders. Trotsky was a very present leader in the case of the militarization of […]

The Kronstadt Rebellion

The Kronstadt Rebellion took place in March 1921 and consisted of Russian sailors and soldiers in the area rebelling against the Bolsheviks. Kronstadt is located on Kotlin Island, which is near the head of the Gulf of Finland, allowing for direct passage to St. Petersburg. The uprisings began in response to the authoritarian regime that … Continue reading “The Kronstadt Rebellion”

Starving Soviets: The Great Famine of 1921-1922

It was a tumultuous and deadly period when the Bolsheviks seized power. Much of history of the early Soviet Union centers on the rise of Lenin and Stalin, the mass killings, and the conglomeration of Soviet power. Not as much information is centered on the widespread famines that wiped countless numbers of Russians during this … Continue reading Starving Soviets: The Great Famine of 1921-1922