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500 DAYS

The Soviet Union’s economy was far from any sort of good state by 1991. It had stopped functioning and had come to a completely unproductive halt. There were multiple attempts of reform by Gorbachev to try and restart the productivity, however there were also multiple problems within Soviet society that were causing him to run […]

Soviet Russia and The Entertainment

The Queen of Spades (1960) was a Russian film that was adapted (the transfer of written work into a film) from the opera “The Queen of Spades and the short story written by Aleksandr Pushkin. ” PLOT: The film, set in the 1820s, follows a man named Hermann, who returns from army service to Moscow and […]

Virgin Lands Campaign

Agriculture had always been a problem for the Soviets. Thus, after Stalin died in 1953, Khrushchev became the head of the communist party and decided that Russia needed to solve its agriculture problems. As a result, Khrushchev came up with the Virgin Lands Campaign and he launched it in 1954. Khrushchev was trying to solve […]

Airbud 9: Dog in Space

Throughout the post-Stalin era, Nikita Khrushchev was tasked with facilitating the period of cultural and economic transformation, characterized as “de-Stalinization,” that would lead to the ascension of the Soviet Union to imperial superpower status. Khrushchev’s reform initiatives included policies of decentralization and democratization that were designed to both “dislodge an entrenched bureaucracy” and shift power […]