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Around the World in 0.075 Days

  When many are young they look up at the sky in hops of one day becoming an astronaut, but for Yuri Gagarin that dream started when a plane crash near his house.  After that fateful day he would peruse a career in flying.  He would first join the flying club near his home, then […]

A Cos for Concern

April 12, 1961- Soviet Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin becomes the first man to travel into space. Across Russia, Soviets celebrated this triumph as being not only the first nation to launch something into orbit, but also the first nation to put a live human being into space. Vostok 1 became the first manned spacecraft mission, as … Continue reading A Cos for Concern

Making the Capitalist Nations Catch Up

The Soviets were the first to have a human in space.  This man was called the Cosmonaut but his real name was Yury Alexeyevich Gagarin.  He successfully maneuvered a space ship out of this atmosphere and back down to earth safely.  Upon returning, he asked to call Khrushchev and discuss the flight with him.  In the…

The Era of Spaceflight

Iurii Gagarin’s return from space- Cosmonaut Images   One of the most captivating parts of the Soviet-United States Cold War was the competition-in military technology and in sports, and in many, many other areas as well. For each side, this brought out the best of inventiveness and helped the advancement of technology. My favorite advancement made was […]