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The Kitchen’s Empty!

A new woman with new freedoms? Since the 1930s, women had been encouraged to embrace their roles in both the work force and motherhood, also known as the “double burden”. Men had the ability to come home from work, prop their feet up and relax until dinner was served. Women on the other hand, were […]

Revival of Soviet Sport

In conjunction with the push for education, infrastructure, and equality movements of the late 1920’s came the state-sponsored physical, pro-sport culture in the 1930’s. Physical attractiveness and a healthy lifestyle were only side benefits of a campaign that believed exercise of the body would benefit the socialist mind. Specifically, in a state striving for socialism, the shared discipline… Continue reading Revival of Soviet Sport

The New Soviet Person

The economic and political restructuring of Russia by the Bolshevik’s was their main first step in creating a socialist society. To create this socialist society they also needed to create a new person. One ultimate goal of the Bolshevik’s was to create a new person, or as the Bolshevik’s called it A New Soviet Man. The ideals of this new person were to be shaped …

The Soviet Expands

As the Soviet Union expanded and sought to consolidate their power, they realized that they needed support from certain ethnic-minorities in certain places in their empire, especially those further from Moscow. The Soviet Union began establishing a policy of nativization, in which political positions were given to indigenous peoples over Russian counterparts. In addition, the … Continue reading The Soviet Expands