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Lost Legacies in the “Graveyard of Empires”

The Soviet Union found out first hand the difficulties in attempting to occupy and stabilize the nation of Afghanistan. The comparisons to the American conflict in Vietnam, and now our own endeavors in Afghanistan certainly hold a good deal of merit. The Soviet experience in Afghanistan has always held a personal interest for me, having … Continue reading Lost Legacies in the “Graveyard of Empires”

The Wolf and the Bear: The First Chechen War

Chechnya is a small region in the Caucuses that has long resented Russian rule. The Chechens had fallen victims to Stalin’s deportations and purges, and they had a long history being repressed by Moscow. Chechen also objected to Russian rule for religious reasons, as the vast majority of Chechens were Muslims.  Therefore, when the Soviet Union fell […]

Russia’s Vietnam

The late 1980s to mid-1990s was a period that oversaw a profound shift in the geopolitical world order, as the hegemon of the Eastern Hemisphere seemingly collapsed overnight. Although the dismantling of the Soviet Union seemed rapid, in reality it took many years and was characterized by a number of bloody and fractious conflicts. One […]

Battle of Kursk

The Battle of Kursk could be seen as the turning point for the Soviets in World War II. This battle occurred in 1943 and was the result of a failed German attack on the Soviet Forces. The Germans could see that a Soviet defense line was pushing into their territory and so they took a […]

You Rebel Scum!

On June 22, 1941, Hitler’s planned invasion of the Soviet Union, Operation Barbarossa, commenced making rapid advancements across the Soviet Union. The German Army moved so quickly that many Soviet units were just overrun, especially the reserve units and party leaders. As the Germans moved across Soviet lands they committed many war crimes against Russians, … Continue reading You Rebel Scum!

Twisted Steel: The Battle of Kursk

  The level of carnage and destruction that took place on the Eastern Front of the Second World War is almost incomprehensible, and no single battle better captures this devastation than the Battle of Kursk, with an estimated over 1 million combined causalities. The Battle of Kursk, known as Operation Citadel by the Germans, was … Continue reading Twisted Steel: The Battle of Kursk

Stubborn Finnish Resistance

Source: Winter War Artillery   Before the Soviets were invaded by the Germans in the Second World War, they held a border treaty of sorts with their Finnish neighbors, and were cooperating in good faith to keep this treaty intact. When Soviet leaders and intelligence suggested that they would likely be involved in conflict with the […]