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New Nation New Anthem

In 1943, General Aleksandr Vasilievich Aleksandrov, Garold El-Registan, and Sergei Mikhalkov took it upon themselves to write a new national anthem for Russia.  The old anthem did not disappear though, it became the party anthem while the new song became the national anthem for Russia as a whole.  The national anthem can be found here. Generating a…

Nationalism, Communism, and the Soviet Union

An interesting movement that slowly emerged over the course of the 1930’s and hit its peak in 1939 was the concept of nationalism in the Soviet Union. As noted in his essay entitled “The New Patriotism”, historian James von Golden noted that the later 1930’s saw a rise in the posthumous rehabilitation of figures from Russia’s […]

Nationalism and the Revolution of 1905

The Revolution that occurred in 1905 was similar to the revolutions that other countries experienced because there were many different causes and reasons why it occurred. As with almost every conflict that a country experiences, there is not one glaring cause that historians can pinpoint as the breaking point. The Revolution that occurred in 1905 […]