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Ekaterina Breshkovskaia

The Bolsheviks took Russia and turned it into a modernized, progressive state where women gained more respect.  Although gender fell second to class issues, passing legislation that took steps towards equality was more than other nations in the world were doing at that time.  Russian populist Ekaterina Breshkovskaia was considered the “grandmother of the Revolution.”…

Lenin & Guerrilla Warfare: Lessons Learned from 1905

While guerrilla warfare has existed since the dawn of civilization, the modern principles of guerrilla strategy emerged during the early 20th century, with prime examples being found in the Russian Revolution of 1905. While Karl Marx closely studied military history, his focus was primarily upon conventional military doctrine rather than the use of guerrilla tactics. … Continue reading Lenin & Guerrilla Warfare: Lessons Learned from 1905

Nationalism and the Revolution of 1905

The Revolution that occurred in 1905 was similar to the revolutions that other countries experienced because there were many different causes and reasons why it occurred. As with almost every conflict that a country experiences, there is not one glaring cause that historians can pinpoint as the breaking point. The Revolution that occurred in 1905 […]

On the illusion of the order in the state

Revolution is no stranger in history, and defiantly no stranger to Russia. The Revolution of 1905 can be linked to many things within the changing Russian state.  The Russian economy was not in the best of states to begin with; with a vast amount of land, a growing population, and a continuous struggle to make […]

The Okhrana and the Frailties of a Police State

The assassination of Alexander II in 1881 revealed the existential threat of revolutionary groups to the regime, and inspired the creation of a secret police force to silence activists before revolution broke out. The Okhrana, different from street police, formed to gather intelligence on these rebel groups through discrete surveillance and provocative measures. Up to… Continue reading The Okhrana and the Frailties of a Police State

Leninism and Class: Recognizing the Class Issues

“Communism is Soviet power plus the electrification of the whole country”- Vladimir Lenin To understand the rise of Marxism in Russia, especially after the Revolution of 1905, one needs to understand the life and ideology of Vladimir Lenin. He is widely known as one of the central leaders of the Revolution of 1917 and as […]