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They think they can, They think they can

In the 1930’s there weren’t areas that the people of the Soviet Union could use to compete with the rest of the world.  They didn’t have the tallest buildings, the largest damns, their people didn’t have the best living standards, but they did have one of the best metros in the world.  A metro that […]

Stalin’s Ambitious Plans to Rebuild Moscow

In 1935, Joseph Stalin alongside Lazar Kaganovich, a close associate of Stalin’s, signed the “Master Plan for the Reconstruction of the City of Moscow”. At the time, Moscow was an older city with narrow streets and buildings that dated back to the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Stalin wanted to modernize Moscow and make it one … Continue reading “Stalin’s Ambitious Plans to Rebuild Moscow”

A Palace for a King (or Stalin)

The 1930s in the Soviet Union was a decade marked by political and military upheaval and a continuation of the modernization of the country, dominated by the growing cult of personality surrounding Joseph Stalin. A man never meant for power, Stalin ruthlessly consolidated his control over their country and went about reforming it his way with […]