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The Kitchen’s Empty!

A new woman with new freedoms? Since the 1930s, women had been encouraged to embrace their roles in both the work force and motherhood, also known as the “double burden”. Men had the ability to come home from work, prop their feet up and relax until dinner was served. Women on the other hand, were […]

Work From Home

As the Soviet moved forward into the decade after WWII, many social issues continued to change. One of the more prominent issues would be the dynamic and shifting role women played in society. During the second world war a shift was seen as women played a more involved role in the war that had a […]

The “Real” 1950s Soviet Woman

In the 1950s the ideal Soviet women would be a homemaker, feeding and taking care of her children, her home, and her husband in addition to looking good and having time for leisure activities like reading or going to the cinema. But this was not the reality of all Soviet women. Many had no time […]

Defend the Motherland!

There is no denying that war brings many changes to a nation. The social changes within Russia during and after WWII are seen in many ways, including the changing role women played throughout. Women were used in many propaganda ways; the use of women in feature films to promote different aspects of the war was […]

I’ll Be Seeing You

When thinking about fighting in a war, especially world wars, we tend to think patriotism is what fueled individuals. Persons of Axis or Ally support without a doubt had a strong sense of patriotism; however, it cannot be forgotten the role that romance played. During World War II, the Soviet Union witnessed the heightening of […]

New Country, New Me

The amazing thing about the formation of the Soviet Union was the new possibilities it presented. The Bolsheviks promised a new society, one where the working class, not the nobility and the church, were the center of power. Such a grand political and social revolution presented an opportunity not only for new government and social relations, […]

Women on Holiday

Although International Women’s Day may not be a holiday as recognizable as Christmas or New Year’s Eve, in the early 1900s it had an enormous impact on long-term social developments in Russia. Observance of International Women’s Day began on February 28, 1909 in New York. It was in remembrance for the historic 1908 International Ladies’ […]

Ekaterina Breshkovskaia

The Bolsheviks took Russia and turned it into a modernized, progressive state where women gained more respect.  Although gender fell second to class issues, passing legislation that took steps towards equality was more than other nations in the world were doing at that time.  Russian populist Ekaterina Breshkovskaia was considered the “grandmother of the Revolution.”…