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Bad Apples Don’t Fall Far from the Tree

The turbulent Russian youth of the mid-1980s defied their elders and their country by refusing to become subordinates of the Communist Party. A suppressed generation of Young Marxists, the young people sought to make dramatic cultural change that would effect how the Soviet Union would be interpreted for years to come – or so they … Continue reading Bad Apples Don’t Fall Far from the Tree

“Do not Conform to the Patterns of this World…”

The sun is shining. There are large clouds in the sky and all seems right in the world. It is October 25th of 1918 and a group of youthful teenagers around age fourteen are standing proudly (much like those in the picture above) a new red kerchief blowing slightly in the crisp October air. These teenagers represent the […]

Red Rockers

The 1970’s is a time known in Soviet History as a time of economic stagnation, but as discussed in class it was not experienced this way by those that lived through the 70’s in the Soviet Union.  The Soviet youth of the time experienced a time of liberation politically and in this case musically that […]

It’s Still Rock And Roll To Me

Russia had music throughout history but nothing compared to Rock and Roll.  This type of music was considered almost barbaric and was frowned upon by the older generations.  Rock and Roll eventually created a huge impact in society.  The lyrics would attack the issues of the nation which annoyed the government. The West had a…

Televised Youth

Globally, television was booming in the 1970s and 1980s, as it became an industry that entertained and often pushed certain political agendas. Similar to the Soviet film culture that historically challenged the values of the Soviet Union, TV shows had the opportunity to weekly immerse viewers in anti-communist satire, and the “signal reached roughly 70% of Soviet territory by 1970″ (KVN Canceled). The Soviet game show that was first broadcast in 1961, Club of the Merry and Resourceful (also known as KVN), was an attempt to combine elements of sport, youthful rebellion, and political satire into a form of entertainment that would attract …

Rock Behind the Curtain

One of the most important effects of the emergence of “Rock & Roll” in the United States during the 1950’s was the social revolution that came along with it. The older generations were shocked by Elvis Presley and the way he shook his hips, the sexual energy of performers like Little Richard, and the personal […]

Generation Gap in 1968

During the 1960’s, the youth around the world was going through a transformation. The ideals that young people believed in were changing as well as the priorities that were at the top of the social importance list. This change was happening in the Unites States, in Paris, and also in the Soviet Union. Youth in […]

Rags to Riches

The 1960s were turbulent and boisterous for many children growing up around the world. American youth were protesting the war in Vietnam, using illegal drugs, and starting a sexual revolution. Across the Atlantic, the Soviet youth were painting a very different picture. Instead of rebelling against their government, they were putting their energies into activities […]