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‘Goodbye, America!’

The Olympics is always a world wide spectacle.  It is a way to honor the the exceptional psychical talent that men and women across the globe have.  It is a way for countries to unite together in friendly competition. It’s

Soviet Sports

The 1980 Olympics, held in Moscow, were embraced with much national joy, but also international discontent. After doing well in the previous Olympics, the Soviets repaired and built new training facilities and stadiums to prepare their athletes and show their world their pride and skill through sports.      Soviet athletes are filled with desire … Continue reading Soviet Sports

Boycott after Boycott

When I think about the Olympic games, I think of a world wide sporting event that has gone one since the 1894 (and in the 8th century in Ancient Greece). It feels like a time where for even a few weeks, rival nations can come together and compete in a way that shows respect for […]

Olympic Fanfare and Drama

***Please open this while reading: The World’s Favorite Song. Stagflation no more?…Much to the West’s discontent, the 1980 Summer Olympics was selected for Moscow, in 1974; in the middle of the strategic parity with the US. Russia, emerging as a superpower getting global attention, infringing on US supremacy in news, image, and knowledge. And now, … Continue reading Olympic Fanfare and Drama