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Back to the Famine

  As we have learned, Soviet history is infamous for the many famines that wipe out huge chunks of their population and led to civil unrest. Thankfully, during WWII these famines were absent and this was crucial to the wartime success  (Wheatcroft, 2012). Following the war, they were hit, once again, with another massive famine. […]

A Feast for A Famine

The famine that plagued Russia from 1921 to 1923 is widely noted as one of the largest disasters of the 20th century. The quick succession of World War I by the Bolshevik Revolution and the Russian Civil War created a… Continue Reading →

The Famine of 1921-22

Throughout the time of the Russian Revolution, we have seen many different instances of food shortages; in some form or another. With the famine of 1921-22, the food shortages started to become, in nature, very political. During this time, the government would take food from the peasants and give it to those in the Red … Continue reading The Famine of 1921-22