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The Illusion of Khrushchev

  Khrushchev started out his reign as an a ruler that was for the people. He worked to raise the standard of living for the people and increase agricultural production. He worked to revive and de-censor the arts.  He started

The Khrushchev Slums

One of the most noteworthy aspects of everyday Soviet life was the nature of their homes. While Westerners normally lived in single family houses and apartments, only about a third of Soviet families lived in single family homes. Just over half of the Soviet population lived in apartments, and about half of that portion lived in communal […]

Khrushchev Slums

Khrushchev wrote in his memoirs that the lack of housing for his people was a major concern of his. While in power, he devised a new housing plan that took place throughout the 1950s that revolved mostly on apartment buildings being built as quickly as possible. The investment on housing construction in the late ‘50s … Continue reading Khrushchev Slums

The Communist Code of Conduct

During the Krushchev era, there were many multifaceted concepts spreading throughout the Soviet Union as part of the De-Stalinization movement. Many of these theories and ideals penetrated not only political life, but economic and cultural life as well for the peoples of the USSR. One of these concepts was brought about by the “Moral Code of […]

An End to Russia’s Stalin’ Economy?

During Nikita Khrushchev’s famous secret speech to Congress in 1956 he made several things very clear, the most significant of course being that Stalin was the root of all of the USSR’s problems. The main effort of his “de-Stalinization” policy was to essentially erase Stalin from the memory of the USSR by eradicating his name […]

Crashing the Anti-Party

A general theme in transitions of power is this, “out with the old, in with the new.” Following his ascension to First Secretary, Nikita Khrushchev pursued a policy of De-Stalinization and decentralization. These policies bolstered Khrushchev’s position within the party as well as dismantled Stalin’s lasting influence in Soviet politics. One controversial move by Khrushchev … Continue reading Crashing the Anti-Party

The Virgin Lands Program

After Stalin’s death, a period of reforms and changes began to take hold in the USSR. Among many changes and initiatives that took place, Khrushchev’s Virgin Lands Program was significant. The Virgin Lands Program was an “…ambitious scheme to convert

The Khrushchev Economy

The late 1950’s were a time of extraordinary high rates of growth in the industrial and agricultural sectors. The annual GNP increased from 5 percent (1951-1955) to 5.9 percent (1956-1960). Labour productivity rose 62 percent and the industrial sector experienced a total growth of 80 percent. Agriculture became the new focus of development. Khrushchev proposed … Continue reading The Khrushchev Economy

Genuine Desire to Reform, Or Another Play for Power

Setting the Stage We spent much of last week’s class time discussing the Soviet people’s expectation for social and political reform following the end of The Great Patriotic War. Russian citizens felt they had proven their loyalty to Stalin and the party through their immense sacrifice during the war. Instead of overseeing reform, Stalin choose to quell the peoples desire by tightening his control … Continue reading Genuine Desire to Reform, Or Another Play for Power