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The 10th Party Congress

Lenin, Trotsky and Voroshilov with Delegates of the 10th Congress of the Russian Communist Party in 1921. “During the closing months of the civil war, the population increasingly demanded that the state produce tangible improvements to justify the sacrifices made in the name of revolution…Even the most ideological Bolshevik could not deny the gravity of […]

The Ships of Change

  The Russian Civil War had left the country weak, unstable, and hungry for more effective government. This, coupled with droughts and famine, left an undercurrent of discontent. Riots began to spread across the country, with the Kronstadt rebellion leaving the biggest mark. The Rebellion The Kronstadt sailors were especially unimpressed with the Bolshevik government. […]

The New Economic Policy

The Russian Civil War had lay ruin to the Russian economy and despite the Bolsheviks’ success in the revolution, many citizens were becoming disgruntled about the economic situation that was taking over society. In order to ease tensions among citizens,