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Rollercoaster of a Revolution

The 1905 Revolution in Russia defies succinct summary because the situation changed so radically from month to month (Freeze 252).   The Russian Revolution of 1905 was instrumental in convincing Tsar Nicholas II to attempt the transformation of the Russian government from an autocracy into a constitutional monarchy. In the years prior to the Revolution, diverse social … More Rollercoaster of a Revolution

Russian Gonna Duma

In most countries, having different branches of governemnt to spread out the power is seen as essential tenant of government. Most, not all… In fact, Imperial Russia didn’t have a parliment until 1906, making it the only European power without one. Before 1906, the Tsar, in this case Nicholas II held all power in making… Continue reading Russian Gonna Duma

Yeah, (divine) Right!

Religion was used as a uniting factor between the Tsar and the Russian principalities in the formation of the Russian state and for centuries following. “The East Roman conception of the derivation of power from God, and its relationship with ecclesiastical authority” (Madariaga, 12) became essential to Russian leadership. It represented a religious relationship with … Continue reading Yeah, (divine) Right!

The Road to Revolution is Paved with Massacres

On March 5, 1770, a unit of British soldiers opened fire on a group of protesting Americans in Boston, Massachusetts. This onslaught resulted in the immediate deaths of three persons and two later died from their mortally inflicted wounds. This incident, known as the Boston Massacre, served as a galvanizing event for the Patriots’ cause … Continue reading The Road to Revolution is Paved with Massacres

Nicholas II and the October Manifesto

The Russia Revolution of 1905 brought to surface the great unrest and uneasiness that had been brewing in Russian society for so long. Among the many things that Russian citizens were in uproar about, an elected legislative body was a

The October Manifesto

Photo link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/October_Manifesto Amidst the unrest and rebellion that was taking place in Russia during the early 1900’s, Nicholas II issued a manifesto, which promised an elected legislative body, certain civil and religious freedoms, the right to organize unions and political parties, and other rights that did not once exist for the working class. This manifesto, … Continue reading The October Manifesto

Russia in 1905 and the Creation of The October Manifesto

In 1905, Tsar Nicholas II (pictured above) issued the “October Manifesto.” The manifesto gave vague promises and fell short of what many revolutionaries wanted. The document had enough substance however, to calm some of the Tsar’s less radical opponents, allowing it to effectively split the revolutionary opposition. Though dividing the revolutionaries, it did not immediately … Continue reading Russia in 1905 and the Creation of The October Manifesto