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Age of Terror

The above image is a Russian anti-religious propaganda image from 1929 that is titled “On Easter Nobody Skips Work”. Other propaganda was used during this time to dimension the Church and what they stood for. This all took place because in 1929 the Russian government implemented more restrictions towards the Christian church. “The state stiffened the […]

How the Soviets Tried to Take Religion Out of Russia

The text on this rather brutal poster says “religion is poison- protect your children.” Did religion play a part in the formation of the new Soviet state? Not really, but the Soviet state played a part in the weakening of the Russian Orthodox Church. When the Bolsheviks rose into power in 1917, they immediately began … Continue reading How the Soviets Tried to Take Religion Out of Russia

Why Starve When You Can Steal From the Church?

During the famine that plagued Russia during the early 1920s, the relationship between the Church and state was deteriorating. The Bolsheviks hatched a plan to defeat the Orthodox Church in one decisive blow. With the state in a famine, Lenin needed something to help gain support of the peasants that were struggling through this time. …

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