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Dissent in the 1970’s

Photo source: http://www.haaretz.com/st/c/prod/eng/25yrs_russ_img/ The 1970’s marked the emergence of a movement in defense of human rights. The main voice for the movement was the Chronicle of Current Events. This journal consisted of political programmatic materials, and it allowed the editors to share their hardships and the human rights violations they had been subject to. Dissidence also took … Continue reading Dissent in the 1970’s

Stalin’s Youth

The youth during the 1930s were much different than their elders were during their upbringing. This generation grew up with nothing but socialism and embodied all of the qualities of society during this time. While there were many parts of … Continue reading

Pavlik’s Story

The Soviet Union is famous for its powerful propaganda, and Pavlik Morozov represents it perfectly.  The story goes that Pavlik was a young boy who reported his father to the authorities for hoarding grain during the time of Stalin’s collective farming. He was killed for these actions and viewed as a hero of the state,… Continue reading Pavlik’s Story

The Power of Patriotism

  According to Dictionary.com, patriotism is a “devoted love, support, and defense of one’s country; national loyalty.” Similarly, nationalism is a “devotion and loyalty to one’s own country; patriotism.” Ironically, patriotism is often seen as an admirable quality to possess because of the pride one feels for their country, whereas nationalism is often met with … Continue reading The Power of Patriotism