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The Railroad Raids

                                     CER Railroad:                                           Dower, J. W. (n.d.). MIT Visualizing Cultures [Map]. Retrieved February 24, 2017, from https://ocw.mit.edu/ans7870/21f/21f.027/asia_rising/ar_essay01.html […]

Trotsky’s Train: Railway to Victory

The Red Sotnia, which translates to Red One hundred was Leon Trotsky’s elite personal body guard and were the early twentieth century equivalent of the Secret service and manned what can be considered the early twentieth century equivalent of Air Force One. The train acted as an early version of a mobile Pentagon allowing Trotsky to go …

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The Kronstadt Rebellion

Kronstadt was a small island turned naval fortress, which had originally been allies of the Bolsheviks after the February Revolution of 1917. On the island, the sailors considered themselves to be loyal to the Soviet cause. Eventually though, anger arose as a result of the authoritarian regime the Bolsheviks were building. They began to deprive […]

The Famine of 1921-22

Throughout the time of the Russian Revolution, we have seen many different instances of food shortages; in some form or another. With the famine of 1921-22, the food shortages started to become, in nature, very political. During this time, the government would take food from the peasants and give it to those in the Red … Continue reading The Famine of 1921-22

Bolsheviks on top

picture source: http://diehardgamefan.com/2012/08/23/tabletop-review-reds-the-russian-civil-war-1918-1921/ The Russian Civil War began in the winter of 1917/18.  By the spring of 1918, the Bolsheviks had extended their authority to the Russian heartland but could hardly claim to have a firm grasp of power. Within the civil war, there were the “Reds” and the “Whites,” the “Reds” being the Bolsheviks and … Continue reading Bolsheviks on top

The Red Army

After the 1917 Russian Revolution the Imperial Russian Army was disinigrated and the Soviet government was left without a strong defence. The solution was rolled out on January 15, 1918 when the Worker-Peasant Red Army was formed. This proved to also be an inadequate means of protection due to the lack of training and incompetence […]