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Cultural Contradiction

      The Helsinki Accords were signed on August 1, 1975 in Helsinki, Finland (US Department of State). The signatories of this conference include 35 European states, the US, and Canada. The goal of this conference “was to reduce tension between East and West” (New World Encyclopedia, 2014). This diplomatic effort served to lessen […]

The Communist Code of Conduct

During the Krushchev era, there were many multifaceted concepts spreading throughout the Soviet Union as part of the De-Stalinization movement. Many of these theories and ideals penetrated not only political life, but economic and cultural life as well for the peoples of the USSR. One of these concepts was brought about by the “Moral Code of […]

War On….. Alcohol?

“Soviet society revealed signs of acute stress. One was hyper-alcoholism” (Freeze, 444). When we picture someone from Russia, I think many of us see a beer-bellied man with a 5:00 shadow, rosy cheeks, hazy eyes, and a half empty bottle of vodka next to him. At least that’s what I see. So I was curious […]

The Generation Gap Grows

Around the time of 1968, youths around the world were making the transition from poster children to “problem children.” Gone were the days of strict obedience and falling into their designated social roles and in their place were days of protest, drugs and sexual experimentation. To some extent, Soviet children were no different. With Soviet … Continue reading The Generation Gap Grows

Third World Friendships

Photo source: https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/russia-circa-1962-post-stamp-printed-545221597 Th above photo represents “peace among all people,” and important aspect for the Soviet Union in the 1960’s. In the 1960’s, the Soviet Union began to expand its influence in what was then (and now) referred to as the Third World. The areas of influence included parts of Africa, Asia, and Latin America, … Continue reading Third World Friendships

Kickin’ It to The Soviet 60s Beat

What does бабушка think of those new dance moves?…What do people call them now? The ‘rocks’ and ‘twists’ and all sorts of hip-shaking dance moves were unfamiliar to the older generation in the Soviet Union (USSR). By 1968 they would be introduced to rock-and-roll for the first time, via smuggled and copied records from countries beyond … Continue reading Kickin’ It to The Soviet 60s Beat

Out With the Old (Prisoners)

         It is well known that Soviet citizens were often victims to incredibly harsh punishments for mediocre crimes: examples of trial worthy crimes are here and here. But on March 27, 1953 De-Stalinization reached the prisoners that had been locked into the camps (Freeze, 2009, p. 410). Those who were released were […]