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Red Army Slips on Ice

The 1980 Summer Olympic Games in Moscow were shrouded in controversy which culminated in being boycotted by a large number of nations spearheaded by the United States. However, just a few months prior in Lake Placid, New York, the Winter Olympic Games had just taken place. It was at this event where a miracle occurred. The … Continue reading Red Army Slips on Ice

The Olympics Got Political (Again)

The 1980 Moscow Olympics were supposed to be the Soviet Union’s chance to show off their culture and athletic prowess on the international stage. An article in Pravda stated that the organizers intended for Muscovites to engage with visitors and “familiarize the Olympic guests… with the most noteworthy aspects of our life,” while at the same … Continue reading “The Olympics Got Political (Again)”

‘Goodbye, America!’

The Olympics is always a world wide spectacle.  It is a way to honor the the exceptional psychical talent that men and women across the globe have.  It is a way for countries to unite together in friendly competition. It’s

Soviet Sports

The 1980 Olympics, held in Moscow, were embraced with much national joy, but also international discontent. After doing well in the previous Olympics, the Soviets repaired and built new training facilities and stadiums to prepare their athletes and show their world their pride and skill through sports.      Soviet athletes are filled with desire … Continue reading Soviet Sports

Soviet Football Rivalries Got Very Serious

Though the early Soviet government promoted sport and physical fitness (a healthy population was considered reflective of a healthy society), they generally considered organized competition to be against socialist ideals of cooperation. International competition especially was avoided; the Soviet government refused to take part in the ‘capitalist’ Olympics until the 1950s. Instead they held the … Continue reading “Soviet Football Rivalries Got Very Serious”

Sporty Chic(k)

The featured image is a 1929 painting by Ivan Kulikov that highlights the importance of sport in Russia during the late 1920s. The “Great Turn” was a major departure from the New Economic Police (NEP), a movement many thought was… Continue Reading →