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Turncoats and Slanderers

With the death of Stalin in March 1953 and the soon-to-follow process of de-Stalinization under Khrushchev, socialist realism as a movement finally begins its slow succumb to scrutiny… but not without a lot of mixed signals and zig-zags from the Soviet … Continue reading

Soviet National Anthem

Russia is perhaps one of the only countries in the world whose anthem reveals so much about that country’s past.  “God Save the Tsar” obviously was no longer appropriate after the February Revolution of 1917; “The Internationale,” the French piece which replaced the … Continue reading

“Savage Minorities” and Paranoia

A Russian victory in World War II was necessary for the reassertion of their legitimacy. 70+ years have passed since the Russian defeat over Nazi Germany, resulting in economic, political, and social upheaval once again; aimed at those who were “different” than the political elites. Stalin also felt compounding stress from: “[t]he Soviet Union, at … Continue reading “Savage Minorities” and Paranoia

The Assassination of Sergei Kirov and the Power of Rumor

December of 1934 marked a lethal turn in Stalin’s rule over the Soviet Union. The event in question was the assassination of First Secretary of the Leningrad Party Sergei Kirov on December 1st, 1934. Kirov was a popular member of the Politbiuro who was gaining more and more popularity until his untimely death. In the …

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Lev’s Slow Downfall and Demise

  Leon Trotsky, a Marxist revolutionary and theorist, played a huge part in Soviet history in the 1900s.  He helped transfer political power to the Soviets with the October Revolution in 1917 and helped form the Red Army. During the

The Marvelous Metro

Walking into any of the Moscow metro stations today, as shown in these pictures, you’re stepping into a place that could be described as an underground art gallery. From intricate arches to massive murals, these metro stations are worlds different than the DC metro that a majority of us are more accustomed to. However, these … Continue reading The Marvelous Metro

The Power of Patriotism

  According to Dictionary.com, patriotism is a “devoted love, support, and defense of one’s country; national loyalty.” Similarly, nationalism is a “devotion and loyalty to one’s own country; patriotism.” Ironically, patriotism is often seen as an admirable quality to possess because of the pride one feels for their country, whereas nationalism is often met with … Continue reading The Power of Patriotism

We Love the Leader

The Cult of Personality that rose up around Stalin in the 30’s is a phenomenon which reached even beyond Soviet borders, twice being chosen as Time’s Man of the Year in ’39 and ’42.  Rallying around Stalin was nevertheless a … Continue reading