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Foreshadowing for a Different Future

In September 1909 the famous Russian photographer, Prokudin-Gorskii, visited the town of Zlatoust. During his visit, Prokudin-Gorskii took the picture featured above. The image is titled, ” Weapons Cabinet in the Arsenal Museum of the Zlatoust Plant” by The World Digital Library. Zlatoust is located in the Ai River valley to the west of Chelyabinsk. It … Continue reading Foreshadowing for a Different Future

Three Generations in Zlatoust

This photo by Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorskii, taken in Zlatoust, shows Andrei Petrovich Kalganov along with his son and granddaughter. Andrei Kalganov, age 72, is dressed in a caftan adorned with medals. Noticeably, Kalganov’s caftan contrasts with the attire of his son and granddaughter, both of whom are dressed in Western fashion. This aspect of the photo … Continue reading Three Generations in Zlatoust

The Weapons Cabinet

Founded in 1754, Zlatoust became “a center of finished metal production, including armaments.” Metal work was so important in the town that in 1825 Pavel Petrovich Anosov built a weaponry museum dedicated to the armaments made in Zlatoust. Anosov was also the director of the “thriving” factory in Zlatoust from 1831 to 1847. Years later in […]

Zlatoust Factories

This picture interested me because of the juxtaposition of the church and the factory next to it. To me, it symbolized the move from a non-secular state to a more secular state. As George Freeze mentioned, the late 1800’s was … Continue reading

Czar of the Sands

This image, captured by photographer Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorskii in the early Twentieth Century, was taken near the current city of Mary in Turkmenistan. It is among ruins of the former city of Merv, which at the time was part of the Russian Empire. The famed ancient city was once the biggest city in the world …

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