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The Marvelous Metro

Walking into any of the Moscow metro stations today, as shown in these pictures, you’re stepping into a place that could be described as an underground art gallery. From intricate arches to massive murals, these metro stations are worlds different than the DC metro that a majority of us are more accustomed to. However, these … Continue reading The Marvelous Metro

Russia Chugs Toward Modernity

Despite being a major military power, the Russian Empire lagged behind Western Europe economically for much of the 19th Century. Though many factors contributed to its poor growth, including regressive business laws and the continuing presence of serfdom, one major problem was a severe lack of transportation infrastructure. Prior to 1855, there was only one railway … Continue reading “Russia Chugs Toward Modernity”

Linking Lives

Construction along the Kama-Tobol Waterway in 1912. More specifically, this photo was taken downriver in Lalutorovsky (present-day Tyumen Oblast) by prominent Russian photographer, Prokudin-Gorskii, who specialized in a color photography process to accurately depict Russia in the early 20th Century…. Continue Reading →