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Women and Children First (Unless you’re a Soviet)

The Eastern front of the Soviet nation was quickly pushed back by advancing German forces. The Soviet military was able to fend off the first wave of attacks and held their ground long enough for key cities along the front to evacuate. The government understood that they could not hold the front and therefore in … Continue reading Women and Children First (Unless you’re a Soviet)

One Step Ahead

Soviet war time brought a unique artistic freedom to the Soviet film and cinema industry. During the war there were over 100 Soviet films produced and half of them had a plot surrounded around the war. The most interesting thing was how many films told the stories of the partisans. The role of women and […]

Rosie the {Russian} Riveter

One group that is often overlooked during wartime is women. Traditional values in Soviet  culture told women to stay at home to tend to the children, cook dinner, clean up, and take care of other household issues. However, during the 1940s while men were away at war, women played a very different role in Soviet […]