Andrei Zhdanov’s Cultural Purification

Andrei Zhdanov Andrei Zhdanov  joined the Russian Social Democratic Labor Party (Bolshevik) in 1915. He quickly rose up through the party ranks in Leningrad and was Chairman of the RSFSR Supreme Soviet from 20 July 1938–20 June 1947. The following Video discusses Zhdanov’s party career. War Time Cultural relaxation The external pressure of WWII brought about an … Continue reading Andrei Zhdanov’s Cultural Purification

Zhukov and the Rise of the Generals

Image source: Pavel Korin: Marshal Zhukov (1949) Source: Tarakhanov, Aleksei and Sergei Kavtaradze: Architecture of the Stalin Era. New York: Rizzoli. 1992. Stalin had a major problem on his hands: Germany was attacking from the west, and Stalin had purged or demoted most of his competent Generals. Fueled by fear of succession, Stalin attempted to rid …

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Soldier Are Not Equal

World War II saw a lot of atrocities.  The Nazis in particular seemed to favor ill treatment of any person, citizen or soldier, that did not fit in their narrow view of the true and proper race.  Although Jews are

The Turning Point

Above is a picture of the city of Stalingrad taken turing the battle. The Battle of Stalingrad is seen by many as the turning point of the Second World War, and for good reason. The battle was part of the Nazi offensive on the Eastern Front. Before the Soviet Union had won the battle, the Russians … Continue reading The Turning Point

The Siege of Leningrad

  Thought to be the largest loss of life in any modern city, the Siege of Leningrad was an incredibly devastating event for Russian society. Beginning in August of 1941, German Army Group North had begun to put Leningrad under siege

One Step Ahead

Soviet war time brought a unique artistic freedom to the Soviet film and cinema industry. During the war there were over 100 Soviet films produced and half of them had a plot surrounded around the war. The most interesting thing was how many films told the stories of the partisans. The role of women and […]