Stop 6: Chernobyl

For my final stop I decided to go to to a site that shaped the later part of the twentieth century and still has an impact now. I decided to head to Chernobyl, a nuclear reactor site that exploded during the Soviet regime. Background: On April 26. 1986, reactor number four at the nuclear site […]

5th Stop: Yantarny

https://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=124466615 This week I wanted to focused on something serious; the Holocaust. Many people assume and are taught in High School that the Germans were the only ones to participate in the mass killing of Jews and that simply is not true. The Soviet Union and France were two other nations that highly participated in […]

Stop 4: Partying in Moscow

This week I decided to stay in the capital look for implications of the 30’s on the city today. On different days I will go to a different areas and look at a different topic varying from an economic perspective to a cultural perspective and a social perspective. My goal for this trip is find […]

Stop 3: Kremlin Wall Necropolis, Moscow

For my third stop I decided to at  Vladimir Lenin’s grave located in Moscow. The specific location of his grave is a place called Lenin’s Mausolem. I knew traveling through 20th Century Russian Historical sites, I would encounter many great dictators and Soviets. This trip was special since I knew Stalin was a very powerful […]

2nd stop: Alexander Palace

I decide to make my next stop the Alexander Palace, the last home of  the last czar, Nicholas II and his family, to better understand some of the problems surrounding the February and October revolutions of 1917. I decided to get on a plane from Zindan to Saint Petersburg. While waiting for my connecting flight, I watch Anastasia […]

1st stop: The Emir of Bukhara


As I begin my journey into Russia, I wanted to push myself to expand my knowledge into worlds unknown, worlds that will make me a more well rounded student. I consider myself a Europeanist, so my goal for today was to explore something out of my comfort zone.