8th Blogpost Guidelines

Despite its reputation for “stagnation,” the Soviet seventies were anything but boring! Science fiction, new modes of consumerism and expanding television and film offerings shaped the decade, as did the dissident movement, the campaign to clean-up the Aral Sea, and the invasion of Afghanistan.

For this post, we will use the modules on 1968, 1973 and 1980 from Seventeen Moments in Soviet History.  Please also consult and use the Current Digest of the Soviet Press and cite the articles you use from this collection.  Feel free to explore any other relevant topic from this period as well.  There are good suggestions for primary materials on the Soviet History Resources Page as well.

The second half of Chapter 13 in the Freeze text (pp. 434-450) will also be helpful. You may focus on an event, a development or an individual. Your post should use (and cite) primary sources (texts, music, or images). You may also use a particular image or primary document as a focal point for your post.

Everyone needs to post either this week or next (our last weekly edition). Think about the shape and trajectory of your work over the semester and make these final submissions count. We want the weekly edition to conclude on a high note!

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