Not One Step Back!

"Not One Step Back" Postage Stamp 1945

By G. Savitsky, USSR Post. – свой скан бумажных марок из личной коллекции, Public Domain, Link

The imperative of order 227 (and the potential punishment for failure to obey the command to not retreat) conveys the all-encompassing urgency of the Soviet Union’s struggle to defend itself and repel the German invaders during World War II.This weekly edition features a rich assortment of posts on the many facets of that costly defense — from the evacuation of factories from the country’s West to safety behind the Urals, to snipers, tactics, and the broader reasons for the Soviets’ lack of preparedness for the war and for their eventual success. Enjoy reading. We will be back with more features on Stalin’s final years and the transition to life after the Vozhd’ next week.

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