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The Magnitogorsk Experiment

Speaking to prominent Soviet economists during the 1920’s Stalin lamented the shame that Russia had suffered at the hands of other countries. Shame brought on by “Japanese barons”, “Mongol khans” and British and French capitalists.[1]  All of whom had bested Russia due to industrial, military and economic superiority. Resolving to never suffer such ignominy again,…

Blog 4 – 1929 Collectivization

The picture above shows one of many propaganda posters promoting collectivization and collective farm work. The Soviet government enforced collectivization of its agricultural sector as this was part of the first five-year plan. Collectivization means consolidating individual landholdings and labor into collective farms, hence the term collectivization. In short, peasants had to give up their … Continue reading Blog 4 – 1929 Collectivization