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The Magnitogorsk Experiment

Speaking to prominent Soviet economists during the 1920’s Stalin lamented the shame that Russia had suffered at the hands of other countries. Shame brought on by “Japanese barons”, “Mongol khans” and British and French capitalists.[1]  All of whom had bested Russia due to industrial, military and economic superiority. Resolving to never suffer such ignominy again,…

A shifting world captured in an industrial town

From 1909 to 1915 Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorskii embarked on a journey commissioned by Tsar Nicholas II to capture the Russian empire. With his innovative technique for capturing colored images, Prokudin-Gorskii was able to preserve a world that was beginning to change. In this particular photo, called Three Generations, Prokudin-Gorskii was able to capture a cultural shift …

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Trans-Siberian Railway

The vast territory of Russia often made it difficult for the empire to fully unite as a modernized, economically secure, and culturally homogeneous nation. The inability of the Russian government to connect with Siberia caused great concern as it would be unable to quickly and efficiently help in cases of invasion or famine. In addition … Continue reading Trans-Siberian Railway

Episode 1: The Phantom Railways

By the middle of the 19th century the Russian Empire found itself lacking in reform and by the start of the 20th century it found itself in a questionable circumstance. Imperial Russia was late to the game in the industrialized arena, but it did attempt to westernize itself. In the process, the introduction of  new […]

Importance of Early Steam Engines and Railways

This is the Kompaund Steam Engine. This steam engine and the many others like it were instrumental in Soviet History. Before railroads and efficient steam engines much of Russia was completely rural, and not easily accessible. The introduction of such steam engines and the many miles of railroad allowed for people, and more importantly raw … Continue reading Importance of Early Steam Engines and Railways