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Kornilov’s Attempted Coup Backfired Worse Than He Ever Could Have Imagined

The majority of Kornilov’s grievance with the provisional government rested around their inability or unwillingness to take decisive action against the Bolshevik, which makes it especially ironic that his attempted coup was one of thing things that led to them taking power. The attempted coup was instrumental in providing support and sympathy for the Bolsheviks, …

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The Conspiracy of General Kornilov

  This image features General Lavr Kornilov (August 18, 1870 – April 13 1918) who was a military intelligence officer, explorer, and general in the Imperial Russian Army during World War I and the ensuing Russian Civil War. However, he is most notably remembered for his attempted coup d’état of Alexander Kerensky’s Provisional Government. Alexander Kerensky (May 4, 1881 – June 11, 1970) himself had planned … Continue reading The Conspiracy of General Kornilov