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Excuse me while I have a quick meltdown

While I may be experiencing some quick meltdowns as graduation rapidly approaches….that’s not the meltdown I’m talking about today. I suppose it wasn’t quick either. The meltdown at the Chernobyl nuclear reactor in 1986 is still affecting life in Russia today. A surge of power caused the number 4 reactor at the nuclear facility to…

Stop 6: Chernobyl

For my final stop I decided to go to to a site that shaped the later part of the twentieth century and still has an impact now. I decided to head to Chernobyl, a nuclear reactor site that exploded during the Soviet regime. Background: On April 26. 1986, reactor number four at the nuclear site […]

The Elephant(s foot) In The Room

The devastating effects of atomic bombs became shockingly apparent after the United States dropped these new age weapons on Imperial Japan. But, along with atomic weapons came peaceful, cooperative uses for nuclear technology. One leading country in the innovative technology was the Soviet Union. The Soviets used nuclear reactors to create electricity and efficiently power … Continue reading The Elephant(s foot) In The Room