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Come And Czech This Out

After the events of World War II, the state of Czechoslovakia came under the influence of the Soviet Union and communist ideals. This culminated in 1968 when the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia (KSČ) saw Alexander Dubček, a communist reformer, elected as their First Secretary 1. Once in power, he began to promote his political agenda with a slogan of “Socialism … Continue reading Come And Czech This Out

Is the Rise of the Dacha the Fall of Communism?

The Dacha is one of the most iconic Russian terms, alongside matryoshka dolls and cheburashka. If you begin to study Russian, it will be one of the first words you will learn, as it is scattered across beginners text and workbooks. So what exactly is a dacha? According to Websters’s dictionary its “a Russian country cottage used …

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