Stalemate on Stalin

After Josef Stalin’s death in the USSR, the question of succession posed a difficulty for the Community Party and what would come next. Typically within a party of the democratic centralist type, new leaders are proposed by the old leaders through slate elections, but in this case, the party was questioned with an emergency- one … Continue reading Stalemate on Stalin

Death and Dissolution

While the Soviet Century started off with more than just a bang, we unfortunately also watch it go out with less than a whimper. The Soviet Union was defined by the damage of it’s internal contradictions after decades of failed policy and economic liberalization pushed as an over-corrected response to a “socialism” one couldn’t say … Continue reading Death and Dissolution

Life After Lenin

Bolshevism Post-Lenin Lenin’s legacy is one of the most important and significant pieces of socialist history and the project itself. In some way or another, people know Lenin as the one who built the party, rearmed it, and led it towards revolution. For many, he was a titan, having been depicted by such in the … Continue reading Life After Lenin