It’s 1985 and Soviet Farms Still Suck

The stagnation of the agricultural sector during Brezhnev’s tenure was one of the abject failures of his catastrophic regime. The farming question has existed in the USSR since it’s inception, as  infrastructure , land realignments, and human capital relocation projects have been attempted to convert this abundance of land into reliable arable farmland. Brezhnev was … Continue reading It’s 1985 and Soviet Farms Still Suck

Saying Yep to the NEP

The New Economic Policy (NEP) was supposed to be a stabilizer while the government struggled to meet the demands of the ongoing Civil War. The policies of War Communism that had been instituted after the October Revolution were inadequate for overcoming the chronic shortages that plagued the Soviet Union. This forced the Bolsheviks to relinquish … Continue reading Saying Yep to the NEP

Some Irregular Industrialization

Russia through the mid to late 19th century was undergoing the tumultuous process of industrialization, which resulted in the problematic abolition of serfdom, and the strenuous attempt to move traditionally rural citizens into industrializing regions. This process took place with varying degrees of success, but some regions on the peripheries of the Empire experienced the … Continue reading Some Irregular Industrialization