Give It All You Got

The 1980 Summer Olympics! This international sporting event presented an opportunity for the Soviet Union to boast their nation’s capabilities on an world wide platform. However, these Olympic games quickly became a symbol for both international turmoil and politics. Following the Soviet Union’s invasion into Afghanistan in 1979, Gorbachev and his regime supported Babrak Kamal … Continue reading Give It All You Got

Little Blue Light

Out with the old and in with the new! Following the death of Joseph Stalin in 1953,  Nikita Khrushchev comes in to power and the so called “Thaw” begins. Moving away from Stalin’s frigid  societal values, Khrushchev introduces a new era for the arts. In this period there were a variety of developments such as … Continue reading Little Blue Light

“Family Matters”

Following the mass industrialization  beginning in 1917 the Russian family dynamic faced a new shift. There was an increase in children outside of marriage, and generational ties within families weakening.  In 1918 under Bolshevik rule, the “Code of Marriage was established” this then allowed for women to take on a new role. Under this code … Continue reading “Family Matters”

Zlatoust’s Finest

The following picture was taken in front of the Zlatoust factory in 1909. Pictured are three generations of Kalganov’s who work in the factory. The Zlatoust holds significant historical importance for Russian workers as in 1773-1774 workers here participated in Pugachev’s rebellion. This rebellion is the first of its kind which protested brutal and harsh … Continue reading Zlatoust’s Finest