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Where is your God now?

What role did nationality and religion play in the formation of the Soviet State? The concept of religion in the Soviet Union is interesting, primarily because it wasn’t just the idea of a God that the Bolsheviks disagreed with, but also the concept of any power or authority above themselves. The challenge for them was … Continue reading Where is your God now?

The First Five Year Plan, Collectivization, and the Kazakh Famine

The First Five Year Plan lasted from 1928-1932.  Generally speaking, it was the goal of Joseph Stalin to transform the USSR from a predominately agrarian society, into an industrialized one.  One of the key pillars of this first plan involved a process called collectivization. During this period of collectivization, a great deal of anti-religious sentiment … Continue reading The First Five Year Plan, Collectivization, and the Kazakh Famine

Na Registanie

In 1868, the city of Samarkand came under the control of the Russian Empire. Previously a part of the Bukhara Khanate, the city became a provincial capital in 1867. This picture was taken sometime between 1905 and 1915, in front of the Registan, a large public square built by the Timurid Dynasty. For centuries, the […]

A Bird’s Eye View of Bukhara

https://www.wdl.org/en/item/5808/#q=stork&qla=en             This photograph, Айст «Этюд в Бухаре» or Stork “A Scene in Bukhara”, was taken by Sergei Prokudin-Gorskii in the year 1911, a time when the Russian Empire was continuing to exert influence and expand east, especially into Central Asia. Traveling throughout Russia and equipped with a railroad car that functioned as a dark … Continue reading A Bird’s Eye View of Bukhara