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The Soviet Union doesn’t want you to put on that red light. The Soviet Union doesn’t want you to put that dress on tonight. The real version In the mid 1980’s, there was a spike in prostitution and freedom with body expression. The women of the USSR did so in the name of ‘glasnost’ and […]

Opium of the People

The Soviet Union under the Bolsheviks in 1922 was the first state with the goal of being ideologically atheist, eliminating their existing religion (Russian Orthodoxy) and other religions practiced throughout the Soviet Union, as well as efforts to diminish future religious activity. Throughout the 1920s, religions were targeted based on State interests, and while not … Continue reading Opium of the People

Kollontai Paving the Way

There were some major breakthroughs for women’s rights following the revolution, and Aleksandra Kollontai fought for those rights. One of these rights being the ability for a woman to divorce her husband without “obtaining his or any other permission.” (The New Woman) Social norms would be changed for women at home and in the workplace, … Continue reading Kollontai Paving the Way

Ladies, Let’s Get in Formation

Pictured above is three peasant girls, each holding a couple of berries they harvested off the land. They collected these berries as a gift to the foreign visitor, in this case the photographer Prokudin-Gorskiĭ. This image was taken in 1909 prior to the industrialization of the Russian Empire. This picture intrigued me because, first of […]