Tom Patton

Matryoshka Dolls as Russian Culture

Matryoshka or nesting dolls first appeared in Russia around 1892. They come in a variety of sizes, characters and number of dolls nested one inside the other. The development of Matryoshka dolls was centered around the Russian city of Sergiev Posad, Russia’s center for toy making, about 50 miles outside of Moscow. The Sergiev Posad […]

Semyorka (R-7) USSR and the Space Race with the USA

Stalin, in the early 1950s, press the USSR heavy industries along with the Soviet Military, to develop a rocket program that ultimately would lead to the Russian ICBM or Semyorka, also called the R-7. The first successful flight occurred on 21 August 1957. The “chief designer”, whose identity remained a state secret until 1966, was […]

Can we make sense of the USSR Census of 1937 & 1939?

The Soviet government, under Josef Stalin, determined that it was time to schedule a census of the USSR for January 1937. We need to look at the results of those censuses from the perspectives of contemporary time and again in today’s time. The purpose for taking the census in 1937 was to show the population […]

The Holodomor Question

General prime source for this blog is book Red Famine by Anne Applebaum. History reminds us that in the 1932-33 period in the USSR, Stalin caused mass starvation in the Ukraine by the confiscation the grain and other food stuffs produced there for the consumption others in the USSR while leaving little to none for […]