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The Space Race and the Promises of the Khrushchev Era

April 19, 2020 After Khrushchev took power in 1963, there began a steep process of political, cultural and economic reform in Soviet Society. Khrushchev made it a point to denounce Stalin’s dictatorship and so came the beginning of the Thaw, a period of liberalization, relaxation and rehabilitation. Following the era of Stalin, this reform broughtContinue reading “The Space Race and the Promises of the Khrushchev Era”

Joe 4 Hydrogen+Bomb“Hydrogen Bomb.” Seventeen Moments in Soviet History, 5 Oct. 2015, “Soviet Atomic Program – 1946.” Atomic Heritage Foundation, 5 June 2014,

What’s a Woman to Think? That She Doesn’t Have Time for Anything.

“It was morning—the beginning of another day which, just like hundreds of days before it and thousands of days to come, would be filled with the bitterness and boredom of endless, terribly petty and soul-destroying work, all the things which filled the life of a housewife, the life of millions and millions of women.” (Fadeev)Continue reading “What’s a Woman to Think? That She Doesn’t Have Time for Anything.”


In 1957, there was a nuclear disaster in a city called Cheliabinsk-40 in the Ural Mountains of the Soviet Union, the blow came from an underground tank filled with radioactive waste. The “Kyshtym Disaster” is the third biggest nuclear disaster in history, according to the International Nuclear Event Scale, behind the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster … Continue reading Kyshtym-zilla