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45 Years of Unification: The liberation of Saigon

On this day 45 years ago, the People’s army of Vietnam along with the Liberation army of South Vietnam(Vietcong) captured Saigon the capital of the puppet state of South Vietnam and dissolved the Saigon government, officially marking the end of colonial domination of Vietnam and unification.

Matryoshka Dolls as Russian Culture

Matryoshka or nesting dolls first appeared in Russia around 1892. They come in a variety of sizes, characters and number of dolls nested one inside the other. The development of Matryoshka dolls was centered around the Russian city of Sergiev Posad, Russia’s center for toy making, about 50 miles outside of Moscow. The Sergiev Posad […]

С Международным женским днём!

Happy Women’s Day! I would like to thank all the important women in my life for their invaluable place in my development. That includes my Great grandmother, Mother, my many grandmas and my girlfriend Trina! This day is also important in the history of the workers movement across the world, as it was first recognizedContinue reading “С Международным женским днём!”

Stalin and His Time

“some call Stalin the left-wing radical, others call him the last Russian emperor, the great statesman, heir to Ivan the Terrible and Peter the Great. Some consider him an internationalist, while others call him a national Bolshevik and a supporter of Russian great power. For some, he is a militant atheist, on whose orders churches were closed,Continue reading “Stalin and His Time”

Dmitry Yazov

Dmitry Yazov the last Marshall of the Soviet Union died yesterday in his hometown of Omsk. His military career began in Leningrad after he enlisted at age 17 in the Red Army in 1941. After which he was involved in operations from Czechoslovakia to Cuba and Afghanistan, and was even on the island during theContinue reading “Dmitry Yazov”