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Perestroika Poster (1985)

Perestroika. Glasnost’. Acceleration. Democracy (1985). From 17 Moments in Soviet History

This is the course website for History 3644, 20th-Century Russia, taught at Virginia Tech in the spring semester of 2020. This course began as a hybrid course built around regular face-to-face meetings as well as asynchronous work on individual blogs, which are syndicated to this site for discussion and curated into regular research digests. When the Covid19 pandemic made it impossible to stay on the regular schedule of class meetings, we moved completely on-line and shifted to a mostly asynchronous format. We used Drive and Slack communicate and distribute course materials and met virtually on an optional basis once a week via Zoom.

Visitors to the site can find the organizing documents, including the original and revised versions of the syllabus under the “About” link on the top menu. Featured content from the entire semester can be accessed by selecting the “Red Star” and “Comrade’s Corner” categories. The  “Stakhanovite Reports” category includes posts written in excess of the course requirements, and thus recognizes class members who went above and beyond to  share their expertise on a range of topics related to Soviet History The top section of the site showcases the “Greatest Hits” from an extraordinary semester. Thanks for reading!

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