Some reminders about blogging:
1) Individual posts and comments are not graded, but will be considered holistically as evidence of your general commitment to the course and its content.
2) There are 6 blogging opportunities in all.
3) You need to post at least 4 times: One time before the 1st MT. Three more before the end of the course.
You are welcome and encouraged to blog more frequently if you like.
4) You need to comment on at least three blogs every time we blog — even if you do not post yourself that week.

5) You should also respond to feedback you receive on your posts from other people. Doing this lets people know you value their thoughts and the time they took to read and think about your work. You will find that you get better and more frequent comments on your posts if you show people that you are paying attention and care what they have to say.

Class Schedule and Assignment Dates