Comment on Day in the Life of Ivan by cwirt

I like the perspective this brings to the people. It shows the people how life inside the Gulag was, and shows that a lot of people in there were innocent and that they were put in there because of misunderstandings like Ivan.


Comment on Soviet Tomorrowland by cwirt

I think that its interesting that a place like the “Scientific Hub” existed in the Soviet Union. Its concept goes against everything the soviets stood for prior to Khrushchev, and that they were not bound by soviet ideologies was interesting.


Comment on When Did You Open Your Third Eye? by Joey

After reading his entry, it seems that Shagrin emphasizes individualism as a cause of the “thaw”. Breaking the Stalinist tendencies was a process that each individual had to go through to “open their eyes” to the new realities of the USSR

Comment on Stalin viewed through the eyes of the people by jvillvt

Interesting how you described the transition from sadness into extreme hate after Yevtushenko found out about Stalin’s death. I would imagine it to be hard to feel sad or mourn for the death of someone who has caused so much sadness for your people (even harder since technically the Soviets were ordered to love Stalin)