Red Stars

The Blue Blouse Blues

Take a given problem such as illiteracy in Russian society during the early 20th century. Combine that with an eventful and turbulent political society. What is the end result? Individuals who are unable to consume print media detailing these events and therefore ignorance of all that is not word-of-mouth. But again, given a problem, what […]

Back to the Futurist: Dziga Vertov’s Man With a Movie Camera

This blog’s home page image features a still from Dziga Vertov’s 1929 film, Man with a Movie Camera. Considered the first documentary film ever made, it’s a movie I’ve long admired for its inventiveness and ingenuity. Prior to this post, I had little idea about how significantly the Russian Futurist movement influenced Vertov and this film. However, […]

Washer Women: Arkhipov’s Superheros

What’s the first thing that strikes you when you study the painting above? Do you notice the people being depicted, or are you focusing on the smaller details and the setting? Maybe, you’re taken aback by the textures, shading, and all-around technique employed by the artist. Abram Arkhipov’s paintings, including the one above, are rife […]

Wandering through Russia

  The beauty of nature has changed in value and importance throughout history.  While many of us in southwest Virginia appreciate the mountains and landscape around us, in late 19th century Russia, nature was not seen as important enough to be considered “beautiful” and the focus of something as elevated as art.  However, this changed […]

Red Square – The Editors’ Corner

Iconoclasts & Conservatives

The unbiased eye of technology…

Film, in many ways, served as an impetus for the revolutionary ideals the newly formed Soviet State desired to uphold. Cinema was used to unite even the most rural of Russian citizens with the rest of the country. Activists road out into the country with film reels and screens, prepared to spread the word of […]