Comment on Physical Sports & Politics by Eric Iredale

Hindsight it would seem obvious that Carter would get called out on his hypocrisy which is why it is surprising that they stuck their reasoning. It is also interesting that the best thing they could choose to protest was the Olympics, one of the largest symbols of peace. Hard to say whether it worked out in the long run since the Soviet Union did not last too much longer but good post.

Comment on Fighting in Afghanistan Never Works by Eric Iredale

It has never occurred to me to link the Afghan war for the Soviets with the Vietnam war for the US but as you say it is surprisingly similar. To think that the Soviets had such patriotism just before the collapse of the Union is also surprising. Good piece, would have also been interesting to compare the long term effects of the two wars other than the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Comment on Blog 2 – Tsar Nicholas II by nhinguyen14

I definitely think they would have been more successful if they took their time, thought through strategy, and obtained more equipment. It clearly wouldn’t have hurt. I’m indifferent about the Tsar taking command of the army. It seems like a good idea, just as we have a commander in chief now, however, the outcome was greatly unsuccessful and led to his abdication.