Comment on The Soldiers’ Revolution by Nick Umana

I think that your article does a good job at emphasizing the power that the Imperial Army had at this point. The revolution forced the Russian Army to redesign itself and to rebuild itself from its building blocks. Your article points out the power that the Russians possesed and what state of respect they carried throughout Europe

Comment on The Treaty of Brest Litvosk by jkelly24

Russia, until post WWII had never truly attained a solid grasp on the “great-power” status even though they desperately yearned for it. The displeasure from the Russia’s failures in WWI certainly helped lead to greatly things such as the eventual insurrection as you pointed out.

Comment on Episode 2: Attack of the Bolsheviks by aharman07

For my post, I talked about the effects that the Kornilov Affair had on the emergence of the Bolsheviks as a political power. It’s interesting to see the grand scale of how influential these individuals were in shaping the whole of Russia. Also, I’m really liking the videos – maybe do some different music though?