Week 12 – Attention, Multi-Tasking and Diversity Statements

This week we will divide our energies between two topics. You may post about either one.

The first is the issue paying attention and focusing on a particular task, challenge or experience. Alternate titles for this topic could be:”The Keys to Happiness,” “Balance and Flow” and “Making the Genie Work for You.” There are several reading selections for you to consider. You don’t have to read them all, but should make sure to look at Clive Thompson’s chapter. For the other selections, try to pick readings with opposing or contrasting viewpoints.

The second topic for next week is The Diversity Statement. Many employers, including universities (such as this one) now require applicants to include a statement outlining their experiences and perspectives on diversity, equity and inclusion in their dossier (along with the teaching philosophy, research statement, etc.). There are couple of resources listed to help you think about how to approach this kind of statement. If you choose to focus on this topic, you may either blog about it or bring a draft of such a statement to class (we will put a folder on Drive for the statements before class on November 15th.

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