Almost back in the game

Last night’s GEDI seminar provided plenty of action and interaction, as we thought about various ways to engage the imaginations of 21st-Century learners, debated whether or not gaming might save the world (or condemn it once and for all), and concluded with an impressive round of Massively Multi-Player Thumb Wrestling guided by Jane McGonigal herself. […]

About Me

I am a PhD candidate at ISE, Virginia Tech.  My supervisor is Prof. Maury Nussbaum. Recently, I have graduated from M.Sc., Industrial and Systems Engineering Dept., Virginia Tech, USA.

Also, I have graduated from M.Sc.  in Mechanical Engineering (Biomechanical Division) at Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran. As a M.S. Biomechanical Alumni, I have worked on Wearable Technology, human movement analysis, Sensor fusion, Biomechatronics, Nonlinear control and Neural Network. I was working under supervision of Prof. M. Parnianpour at Sharif University and Prof. B. Moshiri at University of Tehran (Electrical Eng. Dept., IEEE Senior Member).

My M.S. thesis was “Wearable Measuring System for Trunk Movement using Printed Sensor Technology” and we won a grant award ($25000) from Iran National Science Foundation (INSF) to perform it. In this project, I utilized 18 IMU, 12 Textile sensors and a fusion of them to manufacture wearable clothing for trunk movement instrumentation for ten hours.

I received the B.Sc. degree in Mechanical Engineering and I was ranked first out of 76 students. My thesis was “Design, Analysis and Manufacturing a Double Wishbone Suspension System with Variable Camber Angle by Pneumatics Mechanism”.