Fall 2015 Wrap up: Using the force to cultivate curiosity

Much could be written about the semester, but this final post will serve mainly as an invitation to peruse our “Greatest Hits” in the section below. These posts were nominated by the class and the editorial collective as examples of the most engaging and significant work to emerge out of our work together this term. They suggest the range and diversity of topics we explored in Contemporary Pedagogy and reflect some of the curiosity, vision, and analysis that fueled our discussions. Visitors to the site are encouraged to dip in wherever they like. Specific topics may also be explored using the category filter at the bottom of the page. Many of the blogs where these posts originated will remain active for the foreseeable future and their authors will continue to post on a range of issues. These are the voices of the future professoriate, and we all stand to benefit from engaging with them.

To the class: our formal work together has concluded, but your work as GEDI Knights has just begun. Use the force wisely and please stay in touch #gedivt

Image: Yoda Bot by Jen and Tony Bot 88x31